Los Angeles County Traffic Court: How to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket in LA!


There were 1,360,395 cases filed for traffic infractions in Los Angeles Superior Court in the 2013-2014 fiscal year. A study by Nerdwallet.com, finds that 5 of 10 of the most expensive areas to get a ticket in the entire state of California are within L.A. County, with the true costs of a $35 ticket being more like $700 after fines, fees, and insurance increases. There’s big business in tickets for local municipalities who finance their budgets on traffic tickets and for insurance companies that get to say “Gotcha!” and jack up your insurance rates for 3 years.

What’s most important after you get a ticket is how you deal with it. Do not simply pay the fine and try to move on. You’ll see your insurance premiums go up as high as 25% for the next 3 years. Keeping in mind most people in California pay around $1,000 to $1,200 for their car insurance each year that is major jump and will put some serious pain on your wallet. If the violation you’re facing is correctible with traffic school, you absolutely must take that opportunity to avoid points on your license. You’ll still be stuck paying your fine and applicable fees but this is about minimizing the damage to your driving record.

How to apply for L.A. County Traffic School:

That’s right. You have to apply first with the county to be allowed to take traffic school. You can do so by going here. LA will charge you $64 to take traffic school if you’re approved for your violation [that only pays for the right to go to traffic school, you still have to buy your traffic school course].

Sign up for a California Online Traffic School course:

You’ll have 60 days from when you were allowed by the state to take traffic school [like this one] and complete it. Traffic Schools with actual classroom courses have been around for decades, but I tend to recommend online courses since most folks would prefer to take a course in their home on their own time than when a brick and mortar traffic school offers classes. Typically online courses are required to present about 8 hours’ worth of curriculum. It won’t be fun but then neither are rising insurance premiums.

Upon successful completion of your traffic school course, your online traffic school will transmit your completion to California DMV.

Your LA Traffic Court will pull your DMV record to corroborate your completion and from that no points will be added to your driving record. California DMV will typically take about a month to update your record so don’t expect this to happen instantly. Check your driving record about a month later to verify completion. At that point, if your record is incorrect, contact your traffic school about re-reporting your completion.

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Got a Traffic Ticket in Florida? A Basic Driver Improvement Course Could Save You from Points on Your License.


If you’ve ever gotten a ticket before you know how nerve-wracking the entire process can be:  Fines, court dates, points on your license, and then your insurance company gets notified. If this is your first violation, you may have no idea what to do first.  A traffic ticket is the gift that keeps on giving for 3 years as your insurance premiums skyrocket. In Florida, you don’t have to settle for that though. You can take a 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course to forgive points on your record for a pending traffic ticket. Today I’m going to explain how to navigate through the Florida Traffic School process so you can get the whole thing behind you.

First, know that you should try to contact the Florida traffic court listed on your ticket right away to ask for traffic school so avoid points on your license. Not immediately, but give it a few days until after you got the ticket [the Justice system needs time to catch up].  Make sure you request traffic school within 30 days of your citation at the Clerk of Court in the county where you received the ticket. You’ll still pay the fine associated with your violation and possibly some administrative fees for traffic school but this will be small in comparison to what not taking traffic school could do to your insurance rates.

In Florida, you could also find yourself being ordered by the court [this is very common] to take a basic driver improvement/collision avoidance course if you:

  • Were a driver in a crash and are found at fault and someone was transported to the hospital
  • Had two crashes in a two-year period, which resulted in property damage greater than $500.
  • Passed a stopped school bus
  • Were Highway Racing
  • Were Highway Racing as a Spectator
  • Were Reckless Driving
  • Ran a red light

You’ll be eligible for Florida Traffic School if you:

  • Haven’t already taken traffic school within the last 12 months
  • Have a valid drivers license [no CDL drivers]
  • Contacted the court within 30 days of receiving your ticket

Again, as long as you are eligible for traffic school, you just have to request traffic school in person at the appropriate county court or by mail. The court will tell you how to send your certificate of completion to them [via mail, fax, in person] and give you a deadline to complete a basic driver improvement course by.

Once you’ve completed traffic school and turned in your certificate of completion to the court, wait about a month and then request a copy of your driving record. The violation you committed will still show up but the points will not be applied to your record which will keep you on the road with low insurance premiums.

We highly recommend I Drive Safely’s Online Traffic School for its Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course:


A Texas Defensive Driving Course Can Get That Traffic Ticket Dismissed Today!


Everything’s bigger in The Lone Star state of Texas, even the traffic ticket fines. Luckily, you don’t have to settle for high fines and points on your license. Debtor’s Prison isn’t for you and you don’t have to take skyrocketing insurance premiums lying down. You can get yourself enrolled in a Texas Defensive Driving Course and stop the madness before it starts. And the better news is you don’t have to do it in a classroom, you can do it online in your own home.

Let’s start with the basics.

How to Take a Texas Defensive Driving Course

So first, know that you can take a Texas Defensive Driving Course only for violations currently pending with a court. This doesn’t work on old tickets you plead guilty to a year ago and already paid the fine. The time to act is when you just received the ticket. In that case, the very first thing you want to do is ask the court for permission to take a Defensive Driving Course. You can ask for permission by calling the court, appearing in person or even writing to request traffic school. When you do that, you will plead guilty or no contest to the charges against you.

To Be Eligible For a Texas Defensive Driving Course:

  • You must hold a valid non-commercial drivers license [no CDL drivers].
  • You didn’t speed more than 25 MPH above the posted limit
  • You haven’t completed a defensive driving course in the past 12 months [1 year from previous citation date]
  • Violation did not occur in a construction zone.

The court will require the following to allow you to enroll in their

  • Your Drivers License
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Your citation [you’ll sign off on the guilty plea on your ticket]

There will likely be other local court forms and paperwork required, possibly a court fee. This varies by court so be sure to ask for any other required forms [just cover your bases with the blanket question of “Anything else?”]

What Happens Next

Once you’ve enrolled in a Defensive Driving Course and successfully completed it, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from your school.  Texas requires your certificate of completion be physically mailed to you [no emailed copies] so be sure to complete the course with enough time for it to get to you [or pay for expedited delivery]. The court may also require a copy of your driving record so try to plan accordingly to get a copy of that as well. You’ll either mail your certificate and driving record to the court or turn them in in-person. Either way, if you’ve done all this you’ve gotten your ticket successfully dismissed!

For a fantastic online traffic school, I recommend DriversEd.com’s Texas Defensive Driving course. See link below for special pricing.

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How to Get Your Texas Driving Record: It’s Required For Texas Defensive Driving Courses[And Just Plain Smart Too!]

dr header

A driving record is something people don’t like to think about. It’s like a report card and if you were a bad student growing up you dreaded them, dodged them, and maybe even hid them.  You’re an adult now and your driving record and the history on it is something you can have control over as long as you stay aware.

What is a Texas 3a Driving Record?

A Texas 3a Driving Record is a DPS certified copy of your driving record which contains the following information:


-Date of birth

-License status


-Date of original driver’s license application

-A list of all accidents and crashes [regardless of whether you got a ticket]

-A list of all moving and non-moving violations.

-Can be used for a Defensive Driving course

How to get your Texas 3a Driving Record

Your Texas 3a Driving Record can only be requested by you personally. It is often required by courts in traffic ticket cases. Having this record well before you go to court will also help you assess what you’re in for in terms of points already on your record and whether you need to consider calling a traffic lawyer as well.

A regular inspection of your Texas 3a driving record is also a good idea in case errors appear on it. Many employment opportunities require a clean driving history to get the job. A mistake on your record can also have insurance costs, if say, you completed traffic school and the courts/DPS missed it in their record keeping. That violation and points will still show up. Your insurance rates will spike until you can get things corrected.

You can get your Texas Driving Record by going to the DPS. You can also avoid the lines and taking time off from work to go get it by ordering your record and having it emailed directly to you from I Drive Safely. They offer same day processing on all their record requests. I Drive Safely has been an authorized provider of Texas 3a driving records for years and a name I trust when it comes to their great Texas Defensive Driving courses as well.

To order your Texas driving record today, check them out below:


New Jersey: An MVC Approved Defensive Driving Course Can Automatically Reduce Your Insurance Premiums and Remove Traffic Ticket Points


New Jersey is definitely a consumer watchdog state. Many states have no major regulations on insurance discounts and whether they even have to be granted. However New Jersey requires insurance companies give anyone who completes an approved defensive driving course an automatic 5% deduction of their insurance rates for 3 years! More importantly, New Jersey allows for the same defensive driving courses to also clear 2 points off your driving record once every 5 years. So traffic tickets can be wiped off your record or minimized in combination with the mandatory insurance reduction New Jersey guarantees you.

How to Earn a Discount on Your Monthly Insurance Rates

So here’s the really good news: all you have to do to get a discount on your auto insurance premiums is complete a New Jersey MVC Approved Defensive Driving Course [like this one] and you’ll be able to claim a 5% discount on your insurance costs. This is a state mandated discount so any insurance provider will have to honor it. Just complete the course and submit your certificate of completion to your insurance company for the discount. This discount will recur for 3 years! After that, you just take a renewal of the course to keep that discount going. Easy peasy!

How to Get Up to a 2-Point Reduction on Your Driving Record

A New Jersey Defensive Driving Course can also remove 2 points from your driving record, regardless of whether these are old points from a previous violation or new ones from a current violation. The other good news is you don’t need permission from the court or New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to take the course. You can take the course for point reduction once every 5 years as long as you have at least 2 points on your driving record. Once you’ve finished the course, your traffic school will transmit your completion to the New Jersey MVC. Give it about a month before you check your driving record [the state will need a few weeks after your completion to catch up.

Keep in mind, fines and penalties are something separate from driving record points. You will still be subject to penalties and fines from the ticket [which you HAVE TO pay no matter what]. Defensive Driving Courses are really meant to keep you on the road by removing points that could put you in danger having your license suspended [12 points equals a suspension] and also keeps your insurance costs down. It’s really the only course of action available to you to help improve your situation.

With all this in mind, we recommend I Drive Safely’s New Jersey Online Defensive Driver Course to help you with points/insurance reduction. It’s a class that can be done when you have free time. You can stop and go as you like and it can be done at home. It’s the very best way to improve your problems caused traffic ticket, without having to impact your daily life and routine. You can better your situation right on your coach.

Check out I Drive Safely out below:


How The New York Point & Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP) Gets You Out Of That Traffic Ticket!


In New York, you don’t have to take a traffic ticket lying down. Whether you’ve recently gotten a ticket or have to bring down the cost of your insurance because of too many tickets, there are options out there to help you. Insurance rates can skyrocket due to a simple speeding ticket and that can affect what you pay your insurance provider for up to 3 years. These offenses can show up in background checks and if a prospective employer pulls your driving record because a valid license or clean record is necessary for the job…uh-oh! Think about that. A ticket that doesn’t just cost you money but maybe prevents you from making it.

The good news is New York State’s Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP) allows you to take a defensive driving course either to remove points from your license or get a 10% reduction in your insurance premiums. You can have up to 4 points removed from your record depending on the violations you’ve incurred.

The defensive driving courses are typically offered in classroom or online settings. I really only would ever recommend a classroom setting if you had no internet access or were absolutely terrible with a computer. Otherwise, why spend 6 hours of your evening or day off sitting in a traffic school class with total strangers right? Online courses are the way to go to make this as painless on you as possible.

Upon completing your course you’ll get a certificate of completion to turn into your insurance company to receive your discount. These discounts can even be retroactive so the discount applies to the beginning of your current insurance term and you start saving money immediately. Contact your insurance provider for their exact terms.

For point reduction, your traffic school will report your completion to the New York DMV. While they likely will report you right away, remember the DMV is giant bureaucracy and it may take them so time to act on your completion. I recommend checking on your DMV record after about a month to make sure your points have been reduced. If your record doesn’t reflect the completion, follow up with your traffic school to make sure there was no trouble reporting you.

DriverSafetyCenter.com recommends I Drive Safely for its New York Defensive Driving course.

Kentucky Traffic School Gets You Out of New or Old Points On Your Driving Record. Here’s How.


Kentucky drivers don’t have to settle for a bad driving record. A driving record that is filled with traffic violations can see you kept out of certain occupations, paying higher insurance premiums, or even worse, having your drivers license suspended. Nobody wants or needs that. Kentucky traffic school can be your key to a clean record, cheap premiums, and keeping you straight on the road of life.

To Remove Points Already On Your Record
In order to qualify for Kentucky Traffic School, you must be referred by the Division of Driver Licensing [DDL] in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet [Call (502) 564-1257 to get a referral for traffic school from the state].

The following are requirements to be eligible for Kentucky Traffic school:
-Have not taken traffic school in the last 12 months
-You must hold a valid Kentucky driver’s license [this includes CDL drivers]

Once you receive a letter from the state citing your allowance to take traffic school [they’ll also tell you how many points can likely be removed. In your particular case, you can sign up for a classroom, DVD, or online traffic school course. My instinct is to always recommend an online course as I assume most readers would like to avoid spending their day off in a classroom with strangers. The DVD course options ring too much of a correspondence course when people need instant results. So that’s why I recommend the online option.

Upon completion, the traffic school reports your finishing of the course to the Kentucky Cabinet of Transportation. I’d advise waiting about a month or so before you checking your driving record via the DMV to make sure the points have been removed. Governmental bodies move slow even if your traffic school reports you the next day. If your record isn’t updated after a month, then contact the DMV and follow up with your traffic school in case re-reporting is required. [Note, the violation will still likely appear on your record, but the points should not]

To Dismiss A Current Traffic Ticket
Now if you currently are involved in an active traffic ticket case, you would want to ask the court to allow you to take traffic school to avoid points. The court will likely grant the request provided you:

-Have not taken traffic school in the last 12 months
-You must hold a valid Kentucky driver’s license [this includes CDL drivers, however in this instance CDL drivers must also have approval from the Cabinet of Transportation]

Upon completion of traffic school, you’ll turn in your certificate of completion to the court. As with previous offense, you would want to check your record about a month later to make sure your driving record has been updated.

Now, when it comes to what online traffic school you should take, there’s actually only one. This isn’t merely me recommending it but it is literally the only Kentucky approved online traffic school course; Improv’s Kentucky Traffic School is your single option to dismiss your ticket or remove points from your record. The course may also be good for a premium reduction from your insurance provider as well in addition to the point removal benefits.

Check out Improv’s Kentucky Traffic School below:

Virginia: Get Out of Points On Your Driving Record With A Driver Improvement Course

Getting a traffic ticket in Virginia can be a nightmare. If you’re left without guidance you may not know what to do in court, how to go about the entire process. Just because you made a mistake and drove too fast or ran a stop sign doesn’t mean you have to make any more errors that can jeopardize your insurance or cause costly fines.

If you’ve just received the ticket, the court may order you to take traffic school to either dismiss the ticket and points entirely or to reduce the fines and fees associated with it. Frankly, you should reach out to the court a week or so after your violation date to find out if you are eligible for traffic school. Then you can select the right online Virginia Driver Improvement course [like this one]. Also, in other instances the DMV may order you to complete a traffic school course. This is a bit rarer as usually these are a condition of reinstatement or to avoid suspension. It does happen though.

Now, in the event you’ve already paid a fine and received demerit points, Virginia also has what’s known as Safe Driving Points. Safe Driving Points are the counterbalance to demerit points. For every year you drive without an accident, Virginia grants 1 point to anyone holding its state driver’s license. However, you can also get 5 Safe Driving Points at once by completing a Virginia Driver Improvement course! This will restore your points balance to zero or a positive balance and keep your record favorable to insurance providers and even possible employers. On the topic of insurance providers, check with your agent to see if driver improvement course can lower your rates. Many companies accept them for a reduction on your premiums. Every dollar helps!

Here’s a pretty big point I’d like to make to you: the courts in Virginia and the DMV have no connection. They don’t talk to each other. Most people give their certificate of completion to the court and think it’s the end of their problems. Nope. You have to make sure your traffic school has also successfully reported your completion to Virginia DMV. You must make sure DMV has your completion on record before you consider all matters closed. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a situation where 6 months to a year down the line you’ll still have demerit points on your record. Your premiums will spike and you’ll have to straighten out everything with DMV again to correct your record. Better to do it right the first time.

Finally when it comes to selecting a traffic school course, there are some other things you should know: The state requires anyone with a Virginia license to take a traffic school’s course final exam in what’s considered a “testing center”. So basically at the end of the course, you’ll go to a local testing center your school assigns to you based on your location where you will take your final. This is often a library or private mailbox store where your exam attempt will be monitored. It was a fairly common practice in the early to mid 2000s, and while many states have gotten away from this practice, Virginia still requires it.

With that in mind, you want to use an online traffic school with a solid, easy to use course that has a strong presence of testing centers in the state. For that reason I recommend I Drive Safely.


Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course [BDIC]:Avoiding Points on Your Driving Record

You’re probably reading this right now because you got a letter in the mail from the Michigan Secretary of State telling you that you’re eligible for traffic school. Probably for that speeding ticket, that red light you ran, or stop sign you missed. It happens to all of us at one time or another.  So now you can make things right and avoids points on your license. Keeping those points off your license will keep your insurance rates down. That’s money in your pocket.

It’s also more than just money because if you already have points on your license, a good traffic school course can prevent your license from being suspended for racking up too many points from multiple violations. The points will stay on your record for 2 years and the violation itself will be there for 7 years. That’s a long time. Especially, if your driving record could be a deciding factor for you in a job opportunity. Many employers require a clean driving record to be eligible for certain jobs and you don’t want to miss out on life’s big opportunities because you got a ticket.

Typically, violations are eligible for traffic school if they are 3 points or less. You need to have 2 or less points already on your driving record to be allowed into the program. Again, Michigan will send you a notice of your eligibility if you’re able to take the course. You will typically have 60 days to register for and finish the course. A deadline to complete by will also be listed on your notice of BDIC eligibility letter.

BDIC Eligibility will only apply to tickets on or after December 31, 2010. You’ll still be responsible for any fines or fees associated with the ticket itself but remember the BDI course is about averting damage from points on your record.

Here’s a full breakdown of requirements

  1. You hold a valid Michigan drivers license [no CDLs]
  2. Your citation is for a minor non-criminal violation [no felony or misdemeanor charges]
  3. You currently carry 2 points or less on your driving record
  4. You’re not currently in a 60-day eligibility window for a another traffic ticket
  5. Your ticket is for less than 3 points and is considered an eligible violation
  6. You have not completed the BDIC course before (you can only complete this program once per lifetime)

For an easy online Michigan BDI course, I recommend I Drive Safely.



Surviving Arizona: How To Minimize Traffic Tickets With Diversion Attendance


If you’re reading this right now, it’s probably because you already know one of the main points of this article: Arizona loves to give out tickets. Speed traps and Red Light Camera zones in Arizona make up the super vast majority of all citations written. They use speed sensors in the road tied to cameras to catch speeders in addition to police officers doling out tickets. Now if you’re an out-of-state driver, passing through or on vacation then you don’t have a clue this goes on. AAA has gone so far as to declare the entire state a speed trap and has actually added speed trap zones to its printed maps. That is an epidemic!

So you’ve got the ticket, what can you do now? My years working with various state DMVs has given me a unique perspective to advise you on the best course of action if you find yourself falling into the Arizona speed trap. Tickets like this can be extremely costly. The fine itself is usually above the $300.00 mark. Beyond that the cost it can add to your insurance can be in the thousands over time. Most courts will allow for a defensive driving course at an online traffic school as long as the offense doesn’t cross over into a criminal driving charge. This is also true in cases of failure to stop, failure to yield, and failure to obey a traffic control device [running a red light].

Arizona municipalities treat this like the business it is and really only care about collecting their money. The state actually allows for traffic school to be taken once a year which is pretty lax. This is mostly likely because they also charge you for the right to take traffic school. Yep, when you sign up and purchase a defensive driving course, you also can expect the traffic school to collect the state fee of $65 and a court fee which can range from anywhere from $1-$150.00 (Please find current court fees listed here). If you have a license in another state but got a ticket in Arizona you must complete an Arizona Defensive Driving course to not receive points on your record. Those state and court fees cannot be avoided!

(Note: Arizona also requires traffic school be completed 7 calendar days prior to the court date listed on your citation. If you do not have enough time to complete the course, please contact the court for extension.]

It’s a raw deal but you have to remember this offense will stay on your record for 3 years and probably spike your insurance hundreds of dollars every year. A Diversion Attendance course will clear the offense and the points from your record! Now, if you did not request traffic school, just paid the fine and accepted a conviction, your insurance has likely spiked quite a bit. You can still take a defensive driving course for an insurance reduction which should help alleviate some of the pain on that insurance bill. Hey, anything that helps right?

For Arizona Diversion Attendance, we recommend DriversEd.com:

DriversEd.com- the most experienced provider of traffic school online. Clear your record online.