Don’t Wait For The DPS! Take Your Texas Drivers Ed Road Test With A Private Driving School Today!


Everybody hates waiting in line at DPS. It’s boring and uncomfortable but what about the wait just to be able to wait at DPS? That’s what a new report over at NBC Dallas Fort Worth Channel 5 has uncovered; that the average wait time for an appointment to take your road test is now just over 3 months. You could literally have missed your entire summer driving season waiting for your road test. Book now and you’ll be driving next semester… maybe.

The Driving School industry is helping change those long waits however as various schools have signed up with the state to be licensed third party testing centers. Back in September 2014, Texas passed Senate Bill 1705 which allowed DPS to administer road tests via third party schools. Today, approved driving schools are providing road tests to your teens [and adults] right now instead of 11 weeks from next Tuesday! While taking the road test with a private driving school is usually a bit more expensive than the state’s standard $25 charge, you’ll be kicking yourself for delaying your teen from gaining greater experience behind the wheel sooner. This is done on your time, when you need it done, when your teen is ready.

Demand for private road tests is skyrocketing across Texas these days. This option is incredibly important not only for students about to take their test for the first time, but also for the kids that have failed their road tests. Imagine waiting 12 weeks to take your first attempt at a road test only to fail and have t wait another 3 months to do it again. 6 months of your life as a teenager without a license because you bumped the curb is a high price to pay. Admittedly, it’s not practice-practice-practice eating up that time; it’s the bureaucracy of state agencies. It’s not fair to your teen and it’s not fair to parents who have to continue to chauffeur around teens that are actually capable drivers. If you’re an adult, your livelihood can depend on being able to get around. It can affect where you live and work, and virtually every facet of your daily life. It’s a lot to be held to by lines at the DPS.

I’m a big believer in consistency when it comes to Texas Drivers Ed. I believe in the right programs, the right behind-the-wheel training, and the right instructors. The main thing I look for in Drivers Ed is if a school is capable of offering all those things for a quality education. Finding a school that can now offer road tests on top of everything else is incredibly important. It means your teen taking their road test in the same type of car they took their behind-the-wheel lessons in, from instructors who are held to the same uniform level of quality instruction. It means your teen will feel familiar instead of nervous. They’ll be comfortable, ready to pass their road test, and ready to drive. recommends for its Texas Teen Drivers Ed course, behind the wheel lessons, and private road tests. Check them out:


See NBC DFW 5’s original reporting on private road tests here.

How To Get Your Drivers License in Texas with Adult Drivers Ed

Getting your driver’s license in Texas can be difficult as a kid, but it doesn’t have to be as an adult. The fact is, DPS waives a lot of the requirements at 18 you’d face at 15-17.  Teenagers face 32 hours of online or classroom training to just learn about driving and then 44 hours of behind the wheel training. At 18, you can be driving in as quickly as 6 hours.

It’s mandatory in the state of Texas for anyone between the ages 18-24 to successfully complete an approved Adult Drivers Education course to be able to get their learner’s permit. The certificate of completion will even allow you to waive the permit exam at DPS. Once you have your permit, you can schedule a road test and get your license.

If you’re over 25, completing an adult drivers ed course will still allow you to waive the DPS permit exam. No studying, no trips to a DPS office with test anxiety, no worries! You turn in your course certificate of completion to DPS and get your learner’s permit and schedule a road test. Done! You’re driving!

We recommend DriversEd’s Online Texas Adult Drivers Ed course. Not only is a highly interactive course that makes the learning as painless as possible but with their own Behind The Wheel team, if you need driving lessons, they’ve got you covered. Check them out below! 300 x 250 Inline Rectangle


How To Get Your Illinois Drivers License As An Adult

IL_stateIn Illinois, Adult Driver Education is mandatory if you’re between the ages of 18-20. The good news is these courses are nowhere near as long as when you’re a minor. In just six hours you can have completed all the education requirements to get your license.

You can take a course in a classroom setting or online. Just make sure the school is considered a certified provider in Illinois. Curriculum that will be a part of any Illinois Adult Drivers Ed course will include the following:

-Traffic law
-Road signs, and Rules of the Road in Illinois
-How to avoid Distracted/Drunk Driving
-Defensive Driving strategy

After successfully finishing your course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion from the Illinois Secretary of State via email [the online drivers ed school only reports your completion to the state, certificates actually come from Illinois]. You can take this certificate down to your local SOS branch office to finish the process to get your license.You’ll also need to bring three forms of acceptable identification [list found here].

Be sure to schedule an appointment in advance at your local SOS branch because while there you’ll be completing the following:

  • A vision test
  • A written knowledge test
  • A road test

Behind The Wheel training is not required for adult drivers, however if you’ve never driven before it’s obviously worth some consideration.

We recommend I Drive Safely for its fantastic online Illinois Adult Drivers Ed course. Check them out! 300 x 250 Inline Rectangle