What Is The Best Online Traffic School?



Getting a traffic ticket can ruin your day. Heck it can ruin up to 3 years of your life with higher insurance premiums. Today I’m going to look at the best online traffic schools. You’ll see all your options for getting out of a ticket and the points on your driving record that are sure to cost you money.

If you’re short on time for reading this—the quick answer is this online traffic school is the best.

Please note: the schools I recommend all carry A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau, which is a must for me in order to suggest them. Be confident.

Now onto everything you need to know about online traffic school.

Am I Eligible To Take Traffic School For My Traffic Ticket?

That’s the most important question to answer. Am I even allowed to take traffic school? After receiving a ticket, always, always always contact the traffic court on your ticket to find out if the offense you’ve been cited for is correctable with traffic school. The officer who pulled you over may tell you that you can go to traffic school. Don’t take their word for it. Confirm it with the court.

After you do, make sure you find out when you have to complete traffic school by as required by the court. There’s usually a date they want you to submit your traffic school completion certificate by. Know it and try to get the course done early!

How Do I Take Traffic School?

In a classroom or online.

Sure you can take a classroom course but I’ll assume you don’t want to spend an entire Saturday or your weeknights in a room for hours with strangers. That’s why I say take the online traffic school route. Get it done and move on without impacting your life.

What Do I look For In An Online Traffic School?

The right online traffic school will be approved in dozens of states. I will only point you to schools I absolutely know operate all over the country, with proven track records of getting millions of people out of their traffic tickets.

A Course That Works On Every Device

Tablet, smartphone, computer. The right traffic school has worked hard to make sure their courses evolve with our technology. That means it works for you wherever you are, on whatever device you’re using.

24/7 Live Customer Support

A fantastic online traffic will have 24/7 customer support. You should never have to wait til Monday at 9 AM to get help with learning meant to be done on your time. Phone, email, and chat support should always be around the clock.

Expedited Delivery of Your Certificate of Completion

This varies by state. Some courts/DMVs only have your school electronically report your completion to them. However, if you have to hand in your certificate of completion to the court, and you’re bit of a procrastinator when it comes to getting your course done, you want to be with a school that offers expedited services like FedEx 2 Day or Overnight Delivery. If you have plenty of times, most schools offer free mail delivery but if you’re in a hurry you need to know you can get that certificate fast for court.

A Money Back Guarantee

A great online traffic school knows their reputation is everything and offer you a money back guarantee on their courses. If it turns out an online course is not for you or you’re having difficulties you should be able to get a full refund. My intention is to advocate for online schools because I largely prefer it to classroom but everyone’s learning is different so I still believe in  a school with a solid refund policy.

Will I Like Online Traffic School?

Only if you’re a little weird. It’s not supposed to be fun but a great online traffic school will work their tails off to provide a course that’s interactive and at the very least, tolerable. You should see a lot of pictures, videos, and interactive exercises so you’re not just going “click, read, read, read, click” for several hours.

So… Who Is The Best Online Traffic School? And Why?


Gold Medal: I Drive Safely Online Traffic School

Why:  The leader of the industry, I Drive Safely has been helping millions of people get out of traffic tickets for over 15 years.  All of the benchmarks above I mentioned for online traffic school? I Drive Safely defined those standards. They have approved courses in the most states [including California and Texas] with 24/7 support and expedited delivery is offerd. They continue to build on and improve their courses so you can take them anywhere and offer a money back guarantee on their courses. I Drive Safely is simply the master of online traffic school.

Check out I Drive Safely’s latest pricing and deals here

de-logoSilver Medal: DriversEd.com Online Traffic School

Why: While primarily focusing in teen and adult drivers ed, DriversEd.com has many fantastic offerings in online traffic school. They were the one of the first companies to launch apps for traffic school. Their courses are rich with interactive features that work on multiple devices. They also offer round the clock support and expedited delivery.

For the latest pricing at DriversEd.com click here

Bronze Medal: Improv Online Comedy Traffic School improv-logo

Why: Best execution of a course, Improv‘s affiliation with its comedy club namesake has made them really try to push their courses as edutainment. They are state approved all over the country and  recently became the sole licensed provider of online traffic school in Kentucky. That’s a major vote of confidence.

Check out Improv’s latest offerings and sales here

Honorable Mention: Aceable Online Traffic School [Texas Traffic School only]aceable-logo

Why: The new kid on the block. Aceable entered the traffic school market with one of the most fantastic apps I’ve ever seen. Their clean designs and easy to use platform make them perfect for any device. They’re very affordable as well. As a new online traffic school, they’re not everywhere just yet but I can absolutely recommend them if you’ve gotten a ticket in Texas.

For the latest deals at Aceable click here

Whatever course you choose, my hopes is the tips and advice on this site is able to guide you successfully through traffic school and on the path to leaving your traffic ticket on the road behind you. Good luck!