New Illinois Driving Laws for January 1, 2017: Slow Down, Move Over, Or Go To Jail


It’s the New Year and with it, new laws come to the roads of Illinois. Here’s what goes into effect on January 1st, 2017:

1. Slow down or move over for stopped vehicles. Previously, Scott’s Law required drivers who pass a stopped emergency vehicle to slow down or move over into another lane. This is for the safety of police, firefighters, or EMTs who can often be injured or even killed by cars on busy roadways. The 2017 revision to this law now says the same caution should be applied for any other car stopped on or along the roadside if their hazard lights are on. So if you see anyone with hazard light on, slow down and move over. It’s the law.

2. School/construction zones- do the speed limit or go to jail. While driving in a school or work zone, if you speed above the posted 25 MPH limit, you’ll face harsh penalties. Going 26-35 MPH is a Class B misdemeanor [which can carry up to a 6 month stint in jail] and above 35 MPH becomes a Class A misdemeanor which could see punishments which include fines and a year a of jail time.

3. Driving without insurance-fool me once. For those who have been convicted of driving without proper insurance once already, if it happens again in 1 year period, your vehicle will be impounded. No ifs,ands, or buts about it.

4. Stop trying to beat the railroad crossing gates. Yep, everybody wants to beat the train crossing. But now, in Illinois, if you ignore the crossing’s lights and try to outrace the mechanical crossing arms, you’ll see a $500.00 fine for your first offense and $1,000.00 for each offense after that.

Stay safe, Illinois.

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