5 Driver Safety Tips For December Holiday Parties

Here are 5 tips to keep yourself or others safe from the perils of drunk driving during this season’s holiday parties.

5. In the right glass, Coca-Cola by itself happens to look just like Rum & Coke. We start with the obvious; nothing says you have to drink at parties. This rule is true pretty much the entire year so remember it well. You can fix yourself up a snazzy glass of mixer and no one will know you’re not boozing. I happen to enjoy a great pastime at parties; observing drunk people and their behavior objectively. You learn a lot.

4. Have a designated driver. Ah, the designated driver, patron saint of the party animal. I find in groups of friends, a system of “turn taking” often works best because it tends to put a bit more pressure on the designated to put-up-or-shut-up and not a take drink. If you were the designated on Halloween, it will make your friend take the Christmas Party sobriety oath more seriously. If it’s you who has to be the sober driver this go-round, well, hey wasn’t Halloween a lot of fun?

3. Uber, Lyft, Taxi. There’s really no excuse to drink and drive.

2. Feed your guests. Alcohol consumption on an empty stomach will make the drinks hit your guests that much harder. Have plenty of snacks and appetizers around. Get in touch with your inner Giada De Laurentiis and make some snowflake shaped spinach and goat cheese tartlets, or you know, have some chips and pretzels in bowls for everybody.

1. Your role: Party Host/Bartender. If it’s your party, you can control how much your guests put away by playing bartender. Rounds of cocktails tend to keep things a bit more even throughout the night. Some hosts will keep tallies on just how much their guests have had as well to keep track of things. Ultimately, as host the responsibility is on you to make sure drunk guests don’t get in their car.