Florida Drug and Alcohol Course, Permit Exam, and the Road to Your License



Some states will have your teen sit through the equivalent of a semester before they can get their learner’s permit. It’s a lengthy and somewhat tortuous process for your teen. One more class to get through, eating up nights and weekends. In Florida though, they do make it a bit easier to qualify for your permit:  Be at least 15 and then you have to complete one 4-hour course and take your permit exam.

You’re required to complete what is called the Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course [TLSAE] or as it’s more commonly known the Florida Drug & Alcohol course. It’s meant to combine awareness of the knowledge of road rules and safe driver preparation with awareness of the dangers of substance abuse and driving.

Topics likely to be covered in your TLSAE course include:

  • Driving at night
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Florida road rules and signs
  • Defensive driving
  • Highway driving
  • Merging and changing lanes
  • Road hazards
  • Substance abuse and the dangers of impaired driving

Upon passing your TLSAE course, your completion will be transmitted to Florida DHSMV by your Drivers Ed provider.

The other really cool thing Florida allows for is online testing of the permit exam. So you won’t have to take it in person at DHSMV. Many Drivers Ed providers also offer the online permit exam so chances are you can do it with the school you take the Drug and Alcohol course with. If you’re prone to testing anxiety, doing it online may suit you better as well.

The permit exam consists of 50 questions [25 on road signs, 25 on road rules]. You have to get 40 questions correct in order to pass. Upon completion of the permit exam, your results will be transmitted to DHSMV. Once they have both your drug and alcohol course completion and your permit exam completion, you’ll be eligible to get your learner’s permit.

Now, when it comes to picking out a great Florida TLSAE Drug and Alcohol course, we recommend DriversEd.com for Florida’s Drivers Ed. They offer courses that be accessed on any device and that includes your smartphone and they do it for the lowest price possible. Check them out!

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