Oklahoma Parent Taught Drivers Ed: How to Get Your Oklahoma Drivers License


Drivers Ed tends to vary from state to state in terms of what’s required of you to become a licensed driver. Oklahoma is one of the few states out there with high standards when it comes to putting a teenager behind the wheel in their Graduated Drivers License program. The state requirements include a 30 hour Drivers Ed course be completed.

It may seem like a lot but you should know by completing a drivers ed course, you’re able to get your learners permit 6 months sooner at 15 ½ than without it. With drivers ed, you could be licensed by 16. Not only that but you could have an unrestricted license by 16 ½ !

Now, many drivers ed programs are often labeled as Oklahoma Parent Taught Driver Education but don’t worry, the bulk of the learning will come from your online Drivers Ed course [these courses are required for anyone under 16 to be able to get a learners permit]. Parent Instructors will be in charge of teaching the behind the wheel training to their teen. A clean driving record is a must so you may want to consider which parent should be the instructor.

At 15 ½ you can apply for your learner’s permit at your local Oklahoma DPS office branch. You must be enrolled in or have completed an online drivers ed course.

At DPS, you’ll do the following:
• Pass a vision test
• Pass the written permit exam
You’ll need to bring two forms of ID with you:
• Primary ID- these include birth certificates or passport
• Secondary ID- social security card or health insurance ID card [know your social security number even if you use an alternate secondary ID].

The state will also require documentation from your school which shows enrollment and good attendance.

If you’ve done all this, you’ll get your learners permit! You will then practice driving with your Parent Instructor for the next six months. Oklahoma requires you complete 55 hours of Behind the Wheel Training so that’s a great opportunity to build yourself into an excellent driver. Oklahoma requires you maintain a clean driving record during this period so drive safely and don’t get a ticket [hey, it does happen!].

At 16, you’ll be eligible for your road test to earn your intermediate drivers license [as long as you completed Drivers Ed and your 55 practice driving hours].

Once you pass your road test, your intermediate drivers license will allow you:

• To drive from 5am to 10pm, unless for activities related to school, church, or work
-or anytime if accompanied by a licensed driver at least 21years old
• You may drive with one passenger
-or only people who live in your home [family]
-or any passenger if accompanied by a licensed driver at least 21 years old

After another 6 months at 16 ½, as long as you maintain a clean driving record, you’ll be able to get your Unrestricted license which allows to drive whenever with anyone.

With all of this information in mind, I recommend DriversEd.com ‘s fantastic online Oklahoma Parent Taught Drivers Education Course to help you take that first step in getting your Oklahoma Drivers License. Check them out!

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