How to Get Your Texas Driving Record: It’s Required For Texas Defensive Driving Courses[And Just Plain Smart Too!]

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A driving record is something people don’t like to think about. It’s like a report card and if you were a bad student growing up you dreaded them, dodged them, and maybe even hid them.  You’re an adult now and your driving record and the history on it is something you can have control over as long as you stay aware.

What is a Texas 3a Driving Record?

A Texas 3a Driving Record is a DPS certified copy of your driving record which contains the following information:


-Date of birth

-License status


-Date of original driver’s license application

-A list of all accidents and crashes [regardless of whether you got a ticket]

-A list of all moving and non-moving violations.

-Can be used for a Defensive Driving course

How to get your Texas 3a Driving Record

Your Texas 3a Driving Record can only be requested by you personally. It is often required by courts in traffic ticket cases. Having this record well before you go to court will also help you assess what you’re in for in terms of points already on your record and whether you need to consider calling a traffic lawyer as well.

A regular inspection of your Texas 3a driving record is also a good idea in case errors appear on it. Many employment opportunities require a clean driving history to get the job. A mistake on your record can also have insurance costs, if say, you completed traffic school and the courts/DPS missed it in their record keeping. That violation and points will still show up. Your insurance rates will spike until you can get things corrected.

You can get your Texas Driving Record by going to the DPS. You can also avoid the lines and taking time off from work to go get it by ordering your record and having it emailed directly to you from I Drive Safely. They offer same day processing on all their record requests. I Drive Safely has been an authorized provider of Texas 3a driving records for years and a name I trust when it comes to their great Texas Defensive Driving courses as well.

To order your Texas driving record today, check them out below:


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