New Jersey: An MVC Approved Defensive Driving Course Can Automatically Reduce Your Insurance Premiums and Remove Traffic Ticket Points


New Jersey is definitely a consumer watchdog state. Many states have no major regulations on insurance discounts and whether they even have to be granted. However New Jersey requires insurance companies give anyone who completes an approved defensive driving course an automatic 5% deduction of their insurance rates for 3 years! More importantly, New Jersey allows for the same defensive driving courses to also clear 2 points off your driving record once every 5 years. So traffic tickets can be wiped off your record or minimized in combination with the mandatory insurance reduction New Jersey guarantees you.

How to Earn a Discount on Your Monthly Insurance Rates

So here’s the really good news: all you have to do to get a discount on your auto insurance premiums is complete a New Jersey MVC Approved Defensive Driving Course [like this one] and you’ll be able to claim a 5% discount on your insurance costs. This is a state mandated discount so any insurance provider will have to honor it. Just complete the course and submit your certificate of completion to your insurance company for the discount. This discount will recur for 3 years! After that, you just take a renewal of the course to keep that discount going. Easy peasy!

How to Get Up to a 2-Point Reduction on Your Driving Record

A New Jersey Defensive Driving Course can also remove 2 points from your driving record, regardless of whether these are old points from a previous violation or new ones from a current violation. The other good news is you don’t need permission from the court or New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to take the course. You can take the course for point reduction once every 5 years as long as you have at least 2 points on your driving record. Once you’ve finished the course, your traffic school will transmit your completion to the New Jersey MVC. Give it about a month before you check your driving record [the state will need a few weeks after your completion to catch up.

Keep in mind, fines and penalties are something separate from driving record points. You will still be subject to penalties and fines from the ticket [which you HAVE TO pay no matter what]. Defensive Driving Courses are really meant to keep you on the road by removing points that could put you in danger having your license suspended [12 points equals a suspension] and also keeps your insurance costs down. It’s really the only course of action available to you to help improve your situation.

With all this in mind, we recommend I Drive Safely’s New Jersey Online Defensive Driver Course to help you with points/insurance reduction. It’s a class that can be done when you have free time. You can stop and go as you like and it can be done at home. It’s the very best way to improve your problems caused traffic ticket, without having to impact your daily life and routine. You can better your situation right on your coach.

Check out I Drive Safely out below:


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