How The New York Point & Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP) Gets You Out Of That Traffic Ticket!


In New York, you don’t have to take a traffic ticket lying down. Whether you’ve recently gotten a ticket or have to bring down the cost of your insurance because of too many tickets, there are options out there to help you. Insurance rates can skyrocket due to a simple speeding ticket and that can affect what you pay your insurance provider for up to 3 years. These offenses can show up in background checks and if a prospective employer pulls your driving record because a valid license or clean record is necessary for the job…uh-oh! Think about that. A ticket that doesn’t just cost you money but maybe prevents you from making it.

The good news is New York State’s Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP) allows you to take a defensive driving course either to remove points from your license or get a 10% reduction in your insurance premiums. You can have up to 4 points removed from your record depending on the violations you’ve incurred.

The defensive driving courses are typically offered in classroom or online settings. I really only would ever recommend a classroom setting if you had no internet access or were absolutely terrible with a computer. Otherwise, why spend 6 hours of your evening or day off sitting in a traffic school class with total strangers right? Online courses are the way to go to make this as painless on you as possible.

Upon completing your course you’ll get a certificate of completion to turn into your insurance company to receive your discount. These discounts can even be retroactive so the discount applies to the beginning of your current insurance term and you start saving money immediately. Contact your insurance provider for their exact terms.

For point reduction, your traffic school will report your completion to the New York DMV. While they likely will report you right away, remember the DMV is giant bureaucracy and it may take them so time to act on your completion. I recommend checking on your DMV record after about a month to make sure your points have been reduced. If your record doesn’t reflect the completion, follow up with your traffic school to make sure there was no trouble reporting you. recommends I Drive Safely for its New York Defensive Driving course.

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