Texas Drivers Ed: What’s The Block Method?

In my first article, I discussed the main points of the Concurrent Method of teen driver education, also known Texas Parent Taught Driver Education course. I also suggested some fantastic online drivers ed schools that are worth your attention and consideration.  Today I’m going to take a look at what’s called the Block Method of Texas Teen Drivers Ed.

The Block Method is essentially when the entire online teen driver education course is completed before any behind the wheel training is begun. The student is able to apply for a learner’s license [permit] upon completion of the first six hours of the course [the same as the Parent Taught version]. However, the student is not able to transfer into a Behind-The-Wheel driver training school until they successfully complete all 32 hours of their teen driver education course.

Reasons vary quite a bit as to why a parent may choose the Block Method over the Concurrent version. One of the greater concerns a parent may have is whether their teen is ready for the responsibility of driving. You know your child better than anyone and you may feel they still have a ways to go in terms of maturity. In that case, Block-style courses do put initial emphasis on learning first.You can rest assured all educational information will be presented your child before they are put into in-car training.

This brings us to the other important aspect of the Block Method: use of a TDLR approved driving school. Quite frankly, many parents are scared about the prospect of teaching their teen to drive.  They do not look forward to that moment of being the passenger, let alone the instructor. The Block Method requires 14 of the required 44 hours of in-car training to get licensed with an accredited Behind-The-Wheel School.

This opportunity allows the teen to have their first few hours driving with a professional licensed driving instructor.  This can take a lot of pressure off the teen as their skills will have begun to develop before the parent takes over for the remaining 30 hours of the in-car training. You can also alternate those instructor based driving lessons with your own parent led instruction so that your teenager makes greater strides and progress between purchased driver training.

For a great Texas Online Drivers Ed course, we recommend DriversEd.com.


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