Navigating Through Texas Parent Taught Drivers Ed

In Texas the vastly popular choice for Teen Driver’s Ed is what’s called the Concurrent Method or Parent Taught Driver Education. This is because it allows the teen to practice driving sooner rather than later. The other version of Texas Drivers Ed called Block Method, which typically makes you complete a full 32 hour online course before any practice driving can occur. So now that you know the difference, what next? I’ve created this site and written this article to be your guide, to help you navigate through the rules, regulations, and requirements of Parent Taught Driver’s Ed [Concurrent Method] to get you to the right place where you can help your child learn to be a great driver.

The main thing with Parent Taught Drivers Ed, behind the wheel instruction is truly on you, the parent. For that reason, the state requires you register with TDLR as the parental instructor first. Your teen can register for the program as early as 14 but must be at least 15 years old to be eligible to get a learner’s permit. Once approved you get the Parent Taught Driver Education packet that has logs to maintain times your child has worked on their online driver education course as well as their behind the wheel training with you. Approval to be a parent instructor is not a big deal; any parent or guardian with a clean Texas driving record for the last 3 years qualifies. Under the old Texas DPS system, you used to have to mail a check and registration form to the DMV and wait a few weeks to get approved but things have changed. The Parent Taught Driver Education program is now run by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation [TDLR]. TDLR allows for you to register for and purchase a Parent Taught Driver Education packet online here. [You’re welcome!]

Once you’ve been approved and have your packet, you need a great Parent Taught Online Driver Education course. I always recommend in Texas. They have a fantastic Texas Teen Driver’s Ed course that runs on multiple devices. It’s highly interactive with strong video presentations to keep your child engaged as they learn.

Texas requires that for a teen to get their learner’s permit, they must first complete 6 hours of their online Parent Taught Driver course. The state allows a student to work on their courses about 2 hours a day, and once those 6 hours are completed, your online drivers ed school will send you a 6 hour completion certificate that you can take to the DPS, along with your Parent Taught Driver Education packet to get your child’s learners permit. So your teen really could be driving with you after 3 days.

Now there is a lot of responsibility here for the both of you. Aside from the fact your child still has to complete the remainder of their 32 hour online course, you must also log 44 hours of in-car training with them. Your Parent Taught Packet will also include driving exercises you should go over with them to help them become sure of themselves behind the wheel. You child must be 16 and have held their learner’s permit at least 6 months before they can go into their written license exam and road test.

And again, if you’re just starting this journey, we recommend’s Parent Taught Driver Education course. Check them out!



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