Make Your Old Car Smarter With Hum By Verizon

What if you could make that first beater car your teen worked, scrimped and saved for all year long for into a safer, more reliable ride with built-in diagnostics, hands-free talking, emergency roadside assistance, anti-theft tracking? Not to mention software that tells you the parent, if your teen is speeding or joyriding where they shouldn’t be? Even instant accident detection so you know your kids need you even before they do? You’d probably love to do that. Verizon aims to give you just that ability with their new Hum adapter. And they’re offering it now for just $10 a month.

How’s it work? While Apple and Google are concentrating on becoming the replacements of those expensive GPS system upgrades offered at the dealerships on brand new cars, Hum by Verizon works for all cars from 1996 on. You simply plug Hum’s adapter into your car’s OBD port [located typically under the dashboard], and unleash the power of your car’s computer through the focus of Hum. The adapter works in conjunction with a Bluetooth control and phone app that provides not only hands-free talk but 24/7 roadside assistance and even a direct line to a mechanic. The Hum app breaks down data and car computer coding into plain English, to allow for greater understanding of your car’s engine life.


Can’t find your car in a parking lot? Hum will walk you right to it. If your car is ever stolen, Hum can help authorities track it. Don’t want your kids driving past a certain boundary line? Hum will tell you if they do it, how fast they were going, even how much gas was used.

Now, you don’t have to have Verizon as your cell phone provider to use Hum. This is a separate service for your car and the goal for Verizon is to get Hum in millions of vehicles. The app works on either Google Android or Apple iOS operating systems. Currently, Verizon is running a promotion where you can purchase the Hum Adapter and Bluetooth control for $29.99 with a 2 year $10 a month service contract. That saves $120 right away on the hardware, and gets your new teen driver to 18 with this great protection.

I’ll leave you with this brief video on Hum below. Visit Hum’s website here.

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